Ford Freedom Award Gives $20,000 in Academic Scholarships to Promote Diversity

As part of the 2017 Ford Freedom Award, Ford recently gave more than $20,000 in scholarships and prizes to deserving Michigan students. As part of an essay contest attended by more than 17,000 Michigan students, the Ford Freedom Award dedicated winnings to a large number of students. Celebrating “Talents that Unite,” Ford dedicated this year’s award to African Americans that help to bring diverse communities together.Ford Freedom Award - Bill Walsh Ford - Ottawa, IL


According to Ford, this was the 19th annual celebration of the Ford Freedom Awards. As part of a contest, the automaker had students write essays to explain the various ways they use their passions to help bring people together. Working with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the Detroit Newspapers in Education, this contest was organized for students from grades 4 to 8.

“The Ford Freedom Award Scholars Experience gives students the opportunity to learn from and engage with those making history and impacting change,” said Shawn Wilson, Multicultural Manager of Ford Motor Company Fund. “We recognize the immense talents of our Michigan students and want to encourage them as they move forward in their educational pursuits. The Ford Freedom Award embodies what we hope students will become and contribute to society.”

The first-place essay was given to Mohammad Muntakim, an eighth grader at Davison Elementary in Detroit. First place included an award for $5,000. Mohammad wrote about his passion for fostering respect through Academic Games, part of the larger program for the Michigan League of Academic Games. Additionally, August Wilson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and author, received the Ford Freedom Award posthumously for the Tony Award-winning play “Fences.” At Bill Walsh Ford, we’re proud to be a part of a brand that celebrates diversity in its communities. Our team would like to congratulate this year’s deserving winners.

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