Ford Packs Redesigned 2018 Expedition with Features

Ford has spent the past few years revamping its lineup with vehicles that are on the cutting edge of innovative technology, introducing features like the SYNC infotainment system and the FordPass suite of services. Additionally, Ford’s truck lineup has been redesigned to feature aluminum-alloy body construction, which is just as strong as steel while being significantly more lightweight. In a remarkable move, the redesigned 2018 Expedition is incorporating all of these new directions in one value-packed, capable package.


Looking at the laundry list of what the new Ford Expedition has to offer is astonishing. The aluminum body is exciting because it allows the SUV to be more spacious and versatile while still being lightweight. Not to mention, leaked information says the Expedition’s new twin-turbo engine will have an output of 400 horsepower. Additionally, upscale high-tech features like onboard Wi-Fi, music streaming, and even live television will be offered in the new model.

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While these features are awesome, the innovations aren’t a huge surprise. Ford has been making recent forays into the realm of in-vehicle technology. The redesigned 2018 Expedition is part of a new generation of vehicles that optimizes user connectivity on the go. If you’re interested, just stop by Bill Walsh Ford today with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to help.

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