Motivation And Tips For Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing like Spring. The bluebirds are singing and the bees are buzzing. And your house looks horribly disheveled. Wait, that’s not right! To help with this, we’ve provided you with a few useful tips for Spring cleaning.


Of all the features of your house, winter can be hardest on your carpet. Not only does all the sleet and snow drag in a lot of dirt, but the salt can even discolor your carpet. A simple vacuuming won’t do the trick. The answer is to rent an industrial Carpet Cleaner from your local hardware store. They are surprisingly affordable. Once you see how filthy the water is from the collection tank on the cleaner, you won’t regret it.


Leave no stone (or trinket) unturned! Spring is the time to focus on cleaning in all of the nooks and crannies you don’t normally bother with. Get a ladder and clean the upper corners where cobwebs like to form. Check the top of the blades on the ceiling fan while you’re up there. Dust the light fixtures too.


You don’t want to do this next one and we understand completely, but you have to do it. Clean the refrigerator. That’s what Spring cleaning is all about. You’ll be able to get out and enjoy the nice weather more, knowing you’re coming home to a clean house.


If you have any other tips for Spring cleaning, share them with all of us here at Bill Walsh Ford in the comments below!

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