How the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

It’s been a while since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series. We certainly know that. However, this year, they defied history and broke an amazing 108-year curse. Here’s how the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

The Cubs fought hard this year for their win. And they have an amazing team to thank for that. One of their key players was Dexter Fowler, a surprising addition to this year’s team. He was re-signed and had an amazing all-star season. He is also to thank for Game 7’s first homerun. Go Fowler!

Another player that made the team so strong? Ben Zobrist. He won 2016 MVP this year for a reason. He was a strong presence on the field and brought his team spirit and dedication to every game.

If you love the Cubs, you probably know the name “Kris Bryant.” He didn’t just impress on the Cubs field, but also in the All-Star Game. He’s a heck of a baserunner and has enough power in his hits to break a bat (probably).

We can’t forget Aroldis Chapman and the glory of his fastball. That thing flew by many a hitters and probably had a big part in the Cubs’ wins.

Oh yeah, one more player to thank? The fans. There’s no way the Cubs would have made it to Game 7 without the support of all of you.

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