Car Radio Lyrics that Pay Homage to Ford

There is nothing more American than a warm summer night with country music coming out of the radio. Here are some car radio lyrics that you can sing along to that pay homage to that most American of automotive brands: Ford.

Jason Michael Carroll – Where I’m From

“…The truck’s a Ford and the tractor’s green…”

This one reminds us of simpler times back home.

Brantley Gilbert – My Kinda Party

“…Oh baby, you can find me.

In the back of a Ford truck tailgate.

Sittin’ ‘round watchin’ all these pretty things…”

Is there anything better than sitting on a tailgate at a party?

Colt Ford – Saddle Up

“…We ride Fords with lift kits…”
Get those Fords up as high as you can.

Neal McCoy – Tail on the Tailgate

“’74 Ford truck, rusted out an’ beat up.

Fire-engine red, been a part of the family

for years.”

We’re not sure there’s anything that will last as long as a Ford.

Tracy Byrd – Redneck Roses

“…Step out of that old beat up Ford…”

Take pride in your beat up Ford. It’s a part of your family now!

Eric Church – Two Pink Lines

“…I pulled up slinging gravel in my Daddy’s Ford…”

Like father, like son.

When you’re driving your Ford around and you hear one of these songs come on the radio, turn it up as loud as it can go!

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