A Preview of the New Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus has long been a fan favorite, with tons of options in its model lineup for buyers looking for anything from a sporty hatchback to a reliable family sedan. In recent years, the Ford Focus Electric has been introduced as an EV option for those who are more conscious of their vehicle’s impact on the environment. Previous iterations of the Focus Electric had a disappointing 76-mile range, but with a new model on the way, enthusiasts are on the lookout for a new-and-improved EV.


The new range for the 2017 Ford Focus Electric is said to be a competitive 115 miles, which will easily attract curious buyers who previously avoided the segment due to range anxiety. That’s just a projected rating for now, announced by Ford at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but if you want to know the real rating you’ll have to wait for estimated numbers to come back from the EPA.


The only other thing known at the moment about the Focus Electric is that its charging port is no longer round, but much larger and more oblong, hinting at the fact that the 2017 model year will likely now offer standard DC fast-charging. More information on the new Ford Focus Electric is forthcoming, but with a longer range and a faster charging port, it is obvious that Ford is listening to what customers want.

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