Ford’s Lane-Splitting Technology Could Improve Motorcycle Safety

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While riding a motorcycle can be a great way to travel quickly and efficiently, it can also be dangerous. This is especially the case when riders practice lane splitting in congested highway traffic. Ford’s lane-splitting technology takes place when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of stopped or slowed traffic.

This maneuver is illegal in Illinois and many other states. However, it is allowed in California and not specifically outlawed in 12 other states. Often, lane-splitting motorcycles can go unnoticed by drivers and can cause accidents. Because of this, Ford is working on a lane-splitting technology that will help make the maneuver safer for everyone on the road.

Ford recently filed a patent for a safety system that uses pre-existing cameras and sensors to detect a lane-splitting motorcyclist and warn the driver that a cycle is approaching. This feature could help prevent a collision and potentially save lives.

Since this patent would use already existing technology, it would not take very long to incorporate it into new models. This would be a significant step forward in safety for cyclists since motorists often miss seeing them on the road. Perhaps we’ll see this lane-splitting technology added to Ford’s list of safety equipment within the next few years.

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