The Future of Ford Is Autonomous Driving


When most people think about Ford, the first thing that comes to mind may be the capable F-Series pickup lineup. Or, they might imagine its versatile sedan line-ups like the Fusion or Focus. But, the future of Ford is becoming clearer that it will involve a lot of autonomous driving.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Ford showed us why it will soon be not just an automotive manufacturer, but a purveyor of autonomous driving technology and hardware.


Ford has been gradually teaming up with other companies including Lyft, Postmates, and Domino’s Pizza to show what autonomous driving technology can do. In addition, it has been working with Qualcomm to build what it calls the “Transportation Mobility Cloud,” which could potentially connect all cities and cars together.

With the technology it is developing with Qualcomm, Ford has plans to install “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) technology in its entire lineup. In fact, Ford says that by 2019, all of its new cars will be equipped with this technology and ready once the system is fully available.

Here at Bill Walsh Ford, we are very excited to see all the mobility advancements Ford is working on and can’t wait to see this technology in action over the coming years.

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