The Future of Ford is Bright: More Tech, Trucks, and SUVs

future of Ford

Henry Ford was a rulebreaker, which is perhaps one reason his auto company became so successful. The Ford company is still as bold and inventive as it always was, and Jim Hackett, the new head of Ford, recently announced that Ford is aiming to push the envelope in upcoming years. Shifting focus from traditional cars to SUVs, trucks, and electric mobility, the future of Ford is looking bright.

According to the BBC, Hackett joined the company last year to incorporate autonomous vehicle technologies and was so successful that he quickly became President and CEO. Ford is shifting much of its funding—about $7 billion to be precise—to SUVs and trucks, largely because these two areas are booming right now.

future of Ford

“The industry is staring at the tech companies coming at it. That’s where I feel I bring some experience to Ford, where I can help,” said Hackett. “Fitness is the way you protect your broadsides from disruption.”

One of the most drastic changes that Hackett has proposed is the modification of 90 percent of its vehicles by 2020 to include connectivity technologies. For drivers, this means that more and more Ford vehicles will come standard with smartphone connectivity, Wi-Fi, and more. At Bill Walsh Ford, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Ford.

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