Ford Ranger and Bronco Return to the Market

It’s been rough for Ford enthusiasts who want a good option for off-roading or a mid-size pickup, as both of the brand’s offerings in those categories – the Ford Ranger and Bronco – have been off the market for awhile. However, representative Bill Johnson recently let slip the news that both nameplates will be returning to Ford’s lineup within the next few years, and Ford fans are losing their minds hunting down every last shred of information they can find on the new incarnations of these classic vehicles.

The Ford Ranger is currently still being sold around the world in other markets besides North America, but Johnson’s hint suggests that the new Ranger model will be built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant and sold to a US market. With pickups like the new Chevy Colorado, Honda Ridgeline, and Toyota Tacoma already filling the gap, the Ranger will have some competition – but that also means there’s a market for the Ranger’s particular niche.

Meanwhile, the Bronco ended production twenty years ago in 1996, so we have little to no idea what a next-generation version will look like. The original was based on the F-150, so some fans speculate that a new model could be based on the new Raptor – though that might be wishful thinking. Others suggest a more practical alternative would be to base the Bronco on the Ranger, like the current foreign-sold Ford Everest. Seeing where the Ranger and Bronco go will be interesting and exciting, and we’re happy to be along for the ride.

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